Mid-career Recruitment

Mid-career Recruitment

Mid-career Recruitment information

1. Technical staff ・Must have experience in architectural design and supervision (mainly JWCAD)
・Graduated from vocational school or university
・Those with qualification as first-class architect welcomed.
2.Sales Positions ・Sales experience in the real estate or construction industry
・We welcome those who hold certifications such as real estate transaction, chief administrator, condominium administrator, and rental property business administrator.
3.Administrative staff ・Labor, accounting, general affairs, and design support
・Must have graduated high school and possess a regular driver's license (AT is OK)
Salary Basic salary 225,000 yen
Allowances Commuting allowance (maximum 30,000 yen per month)
Other benefits include special qualification allowance, full-time attendance allowance, etc.
Other allowances available such as for those with special qualifications and perfect work attendance, etc.
Bonuses Twice a year
Salary raise Once a year
Work location Headquarters in Kyoto, Osaka office, Tokyo office
Working hours 9:00 - 18:00 (1 hour break)
Holidays Saturdays and sundays and public holidays, end-of-year holidays and New Year holidays, paid holidays, congratulatory or condolence holidays
Social insurance Health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance
Other Probationary period (3 months)
Retirement package (After working for 5 years or more)

Submission of application documents

Address 5F Yoshioka Oike Bldg., 670-1 Marukizaimoku-cho, Sakaimachi-dori Oike-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8106, Japan
ISHIZUE General Affairs and Accounting Department Recruitment Manager

Selection process

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At our company, we will carefully select the most qualified candidates and try our best to keep close communications to ensure a selection process that is satisfactory to both parties throughout the entire process, starting from the application until company entrance.