Beyond the limit of a design office. To Actualize our Client’s Ideals into a Reality

Our mission is to actualize each of our client’s ideals and expectations for their building and property. To achieve this mission, Ishizue has a range of staff members who have special knowledge and experiences respectively. What we respect most in our job is communication with our clients. To achieve every ideal to be realized, we don’t merely provide the design and supervision of a building order but also have thorough understanding between our clients and us from the planning and consulting stages. We also have our original budget plan. A whole work flow is broken up step by step, like investigation, planning, design, etc., and the client can examine our plan and can make an original affordable budget plan according to their needs. We will charge the client for only the services they actually take depending on their budget. Also we always watch carefully what is happening “on site.” We visit the site a number of times while the project is going on because we can discover and notice many new facts only when we visit the site and examine it in detail, for example, precise situation of the building being planned regarding adjacent buildings and the neighborhood. Every site has its “own characteristics.” All of our projects reflect the uniqueness of the site in our designs and supervision.