Artists and scholars had strong objections against the construction of the La Tour Eiffel as it seriously damages beauty of Paris itself. In 1884 then French government accepted a proposal of the construction of the 300-metre tall tower by an engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, to motivate and enhance pride, nationality and dignity of the French country, as well as the proof as a republic. The French government approved the construction of the tower in a part of Parc du Champ-de-Mars. Its budget was then 650 million Franc. The plan was 5,000 square metres. Period of the plan was two years. Construction took one and a half years. In Japanese business Ringi Seido (Proposal document by sealing) enhances communication amongst team members as an advantage; however, it tends to become more group-based decision making (or sensing-the-air-of-others decision making) rather than individual-based decision making. This Ringi Seido appreciates format of the decision making, and most likely loses the value of the core business, a serious deficiency. An instance is a movie making in Hollywood. American investors take most of their time on a deep analysis of a script, where Japanese business focuses on elements other than the script: main actors and actresses; reputations of movie directors and staffs; distribution system of the film; sales channels; and merchandising as DVDs. In other words, the American investors focus the most on understanding the concept of the script/work. Japanese industries, however, consider their investment based on the businesses as a result of the concept, rather than doing critical evaluation of the concept. The Japanese business avoid the critical evaluation of the concept based on the measurements like air or individual sense. To me, this seems the reality of Japanese businesses today. Our company provides unique value not based on such traditional businesses (e.g. Ringi Seido), but based on critical evaluation of the concept that leads to produce well-built environment a new world.
President CEO Kenji Shigematsu
Executive Vice President Takeshi Fujiwara